War Zone

By on July 5, 2013

If your family escapades of late have been missing excitement, there is one place that will surely get that adrenaline rushing again: the War Zone. (And this doesn’t mean having to enlist the entire clan!)

Located in the depths of Chiba is War Zone: the largest paintball field in Japan. Laid out like a battlefield propped with barricades and shelters, the space serves as the perfect and immersive setting for riveting rounds of Paintball and Survival games. And with an international crew of military-trained instructors on hand, any guest can transform into world-class soldiers for a day.

The sport of paintball has become a phenomenon in much of the western world for thrill-seekers, and is now taking off in Japan at long last.

The game involves teams equipped with air-powered rifles as they embark on a mission to eliminate their opponents by “shooting” them with soft, paint-filled gelatin capsules; while wearing special protective suits that highlight paint stains if hit.

While these are the basics of paintball, the sport is limitless in possibilities. With a wide array of game modes with different sets of rules that cater to players of all levels, there really is no man left behind in the fun.

Survival Game
For those craving more intensity, the survival games may be just the ticket. Similar in playing style to paintball, a round of the survival game finds the player tracking and taking down opponents in the battlefield until they are the ultimate survivors.

Unlike paintball, the survival game adorns players with camouflage suits and battery-powered game rifles that shoot plastic BB gun bullets instead of paint capsules.

The fields used for survival games also provide refuge in the form of solid bunkers, wooden boards, and tires; making it possibly the most heart-pumping game of hide-and-seek you’ll ever play.

Soldiering Up
If you’d like to experience a day in the life of a G.I., War Zone now offers authentic military training replete with running courses, tire hops, rope bridges, and shooting ranges, all of which are designed to challenge and enhance agility. Headed by a solid international team with extensive military experience, groups of or individual soldier hopefuls are guaranteed to have a blast. War Zone also has newly-opened wall climbing and rappelling facilities that are sure to add to the fun!

Camping & BBQ
For some R&R, the camping and barbeque grounds provide wide open spaces completely immersed in nature.

It’s an ideal play and rest spot for children and parents who aren’t partaking in the games, and a great place for a barbeque once you’ve worked up an appetite on the field (grills are available to rent; showers are available on site to clean up in). And head over to the camping grounds: pitch up a tent and roll out a sleeping bag, for either a power nap or for a sleepover under the stars.

War Zone also is available for parties for children’s birthdays, family events, and corporate events (as team-building exercises) – and is sure to make for a memorable day!

Fancy a family excursion unlike any other? Suit up and get into the War Zone.

War Zone
136 Kamakari, Inbamura, Chiba Prefecture
Tel: 0476-99-2260 / 090-7194-1718

Paintball & Survival Games: 3.5 hours on field per group, for unlimited number of games. Minimum of 6 players needed.

Note: Paintball participants must be in good health and supervised by an adult if under 18 years of age, and must be over 8 years old.

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