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By on August 7, 2013


After intense workouts, the body depletes energy.  Like a car, it needs refueling to function normally. In order to replenish the energy it lost from training and other activities, the body therefore needs a balanced, nutrient-rich diet post workout.  It is unlikely that one is able to prepare a meal immediately after a workout.  Protein shakes do the work.

This quick fix comes in a mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates in varying combinations and usually come in an assorted flavours. Not only does it help you manage your weight, it also aids the body to recover post workout by restoring muscle glycogen that fuels exercise.  Bodybuilders who do serious training benefit from drinking protein shakes by helping repair the damage to the muscles. Likewise,  a regular fitness buff who just needs muscle toning equally benefits.

The amount of protein suggested by most protein shake manufacturers outside Japan is anywhere between 45 to 56 grams a day while Japanese manufacturers like Meiji’s Savas recommends 42 grams.  The amount of intake is largely dictated by the body weight and lifestyle of a person.   Serious vegetarians, people with active lifestyles, or those who exercise more regularly are usually at risk for low protein and therefore may need to bump up the amount of protein intake.  Contrary to what many believe, adding protein has nothing to do with adding muscle mass.  Actually, the amount you take all depends on the protein quality you eat, energy level, carbs ingested and the kind and intensity of your day to day activity.

So if your goal is simply to lose weight, a shake that has more low-calorie protein and less of carbs with just a little dose of fat works.  A good example is Meiji’s Savas “Weight Down” sold at most online stores.  It’s packed with 11 kinds of vitamins and 100% soy protein with garcinia, a plant that is said to prevent fat storage and curb appetite.  Soy protein is also known for its antioxidizing properties.

Whey Protein found in milk is a fast absorbing shake that stays in the body for a shorter time.  This works for people who are looking for protein supplements  after an intense workout.  Savas’ Whey Protein 100 contains Vitamins B1, B2 and B6  needed by the body.  Daily intake recommended is 42 grams a day. For growing people,  Meiji’s Junior gives the body the necessary amount of calcium that the usual diet fails to provide.  It’s ideal for young athletes to help strengthen the teeth and bones.


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