Skype Classrooms Becoming the Norm

By on August 7, 2013

Japanese language teachers are now reaching out to students who want to take a course but lack the time to commute to school via SKYPE classrooms. One Japanese teacher says, “It’s pretty good considering the money students and instructors can save on transportation, venues, and snacks, etc. I think the biggest advantage is being able to have frequent and regular sessions. Being able to type out the spellings of words and phrases on the chat window while talking is just like having a white board to utilize.”

Wes, a busy researcher in Tokyo says, “My current schedule takes up a lot of my time and I have been thinking that Skype lessons may be for someone like me who can not be away from home base but can squeeze in an hour a day. The idea allows me to make use of one hour productively than stretching another hour for travelling to and from school.  Besides, a Skype arrangement works very well if I need to focus on learning.”

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