Party Time!

By on September 11, 2013

Party Time!

by David Letendre

It’s children and family party season!  This means that besides the usual birthday parties, there are Halloween, Thanksgiving  day, Christmas, Hanukka as well as New Years parties.

If you are planning to hire an entertainer for your party(magician, balloon artist, clown, character actor,…), it’s a good idea to call and book as early as possible. This will give you and the performer, time to dicuss details and give him or her plenty of time to prepare a special show for you.

Mukashi mukashi (many years ago), when I was just beginning as a children’s entertainer, I was hired to entertain at an all-girl birthday party for an eight-year old  named Lucy.  I learned a lot about entertaining children at this party especially how much little girls of this age love to tease.

I was  introduced to Lucy upon arrival at her home but by the time I started the show, I had forgotten  what she looked like! During the show, I began a trick that required Lucy to be my helper but I had no way of locating her in the group.

So I guessed and chose a girl at random  and asked, “Are you Lucy?”. Imagine my surprise and relief when this little girl enthusiasticall answered,”Yes!”. But then, a girl in the back also claimed to be Lucy! Then another and another  until all of them were calling out, “I’m Lucy!” They were of course teasing me by each claiming to be Lucy. They were having a wonderful time and a good laugh at my predicament.

I had a problem now and had to think fast. What would you do in this situation? Miraculously, an idea came to me quickly.

Well, I  took a chance and anounced that for my next trick I would like Lucy to pick one of her friends to help me in my next trick. In a flash, all hands except one shot up and all eyes looked toward one girl who was sitting quietly and smiling broadly. Of course this was the real Lucy!

David Letendre (AKA  Mr. D) has been entertaining with magic & comedy at children & family parties with magic & comedy throughout Japan since 1976. And still is!  His website:

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