Where to get party supplies in Tokyo

By on September 12, 2013

Tokyo Party Fun  (www.tokyopartyfun.com)
This newly opened online funhouse offers imported supplies from party hats to garlands and streamers with festive designs.

Tokyu Hands
To pull off an exciting theme party,  check out Tokyu hands in Shibuya.  They have a wide selection of  theme costumes and accessories to match every occasion.  Most of the goods are not displayed online so schedule a visit to the store well in advance.  With Halloween season next month, you should be able to find fun masks and costumes as early as this month.

Rakuten (www.rakuten.co.jp/party-honpo/)
Browse at the wide range of party goods offered at this Japanese popular online store. From Disney to famous superhero kid’s costume and anything in-between, you are sure to find something appropriate for your party.

Costume Craze  (www.costumecraze.com)
If you are looking for Japanese inspired costumes, this is the site to shop.  They pretty much have every special effects to match your get up from wigs, stockings to makeup.

Kids Party (www.kidsparty.jp)
A Japanese online store that imports American party goods such as Carters, Old Navy and etc.  If you are looking for hard-to-find US characters in Japan such as Sponge Bob, Nemo, Curious George,  check out Kids party.

Joyous Days   (http://shop.jiyugaoka.net/joyousdays)
Located in Jiyugaoka,  it’s a fun store for kids party supplies.
Tel. 03-6421-3561          Jiyugaoka Sakura Terrace B1, Midorigaoka 2-16-10, Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-0032

Sweethearts  (www.sweetheart2.com)
This online store runs a whole gamut of party accessories from baby shower sweets to multi-shaped and colored birthday picks.  If you will be baking your own cake and need accessories for a fun effect, here’s where to get them.

Nicofee Balloon Park  (www.nicofee.com)
No fun party is complete without a balloon.  If you are throwing a party and want it to be special,  this is your shop to look for something unique.  It carries different balloon types and shapes that kids will adore.

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