Say goodbye to idle chatter and gossiping housewives

By on October 6, 2013

When sharing news or information does more harm than good, it is better to try a new trick.

The new Nokia Lumia update can now put annoying phone numbers on blacklist mode.  The new block feature filters out calls and messages coming from a particular number.  The new update from Microsoft can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store and is currently available to Lumia 625, 925, and 1020 users only.  It is expected that the feature will soon be available to other Nokia smartphones.

To disallow a number to contact you, a user goes to the calls history page, long tap on a number,  and choose “block number”.   The user will not get a call or SMS from a blocked number again.  Blocked numbers can be managed through the “call and SMS filter” under the settings menu.   The number of calls and SMS made by the blocked number can be seen by user.  The user can choose to unblock the number through the menu and may be switched on or off as desired.

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