Too much of a good thing

By on October 6, 2013

Just in case you fancy eating someone else’s pancakes rather than your own, yet another pancake store has jumped on the bandwagon, to make the choice all the more harder. This one is  a little different admittedly  and resides in the tranquility of Kotto-dori, away from the throngs of  young  pancake lovers who believe that eating  pancakes goes hand in hand with a three-hour wait outside the  store. Known as  “King of Brunch” in New York, Clinton Street Baking Co. is an altogether more mature offering and  comes from Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman. This chef-husband and wife team set up shop in New York a little over 20 years ago,  to offer simple breakfast  staples: pancakes, simple omelets, sandwiches, soups, Eggs Benedicts, and muffins to an admiring  crowd. This is their first store outside of NY and their calorie-crammed creations are available from 8 am for that  true NY breakfast feel.

Clinton Street Baking Co.
Kotto-dori,Minami Aoyama
Open 8am – 4pm ( currently)

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