A bright spot

By on December 17, 2013

In less than three years following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan delivers a brand new 70 – megawatt solar facility powering up some 22,000 homes in Kagoshima from Nov 2013.   The ethereal-looking Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant (reportedly to have cost some 27 billion yen) built by Kyocera,  reflects a stunning infrastructure of 290,000 solar panels,  observation decks, a science exhibit area and viewing room against a splendid backdrop of Sakurajima volcano.   The move not only signals the beginning of Japan’s 21st century position to promote the use of renewable energy after the significant loss of lives in the  2011 Fukushima crisis,  but also to educate students, visitors and tourists visiting the site.

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