Max Brenner opens in Tokyo

By on December 15, 2013

Fans of chocolate don’t have to wait for the end of the year to indulge as Max Brenner’s first chocolate emporium opens at the beginning of December. Max Brenner, for those not in the loop, is the renowned israeli chocolate king who also happens to be bald and proud of it, both not  typical attributes of a chocolateur. Expanding overseas in a big way, with a recently opened Las vegas venture and now here, his special brand of chocolate fun arrives in Omotesando Hills and Skytree. Be prepared for big queues by the time you read this. Fun and cool, his aim is  to create a new chocolate culture by offering a large range of chocolate-based dishes and drinks from crepes and pizzas( yes!!) and hot chocolate with the obligatory marshmallows to more mature chocolate martinis. Check out the creamy  fondues and chocolate filled syringes. Sounds like a cult worth joining.

Max Brenner
Omotesando Hills Open now
Tokyo Skytree town opens Dec. 20

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