Nature’s way: Asia’s secret to healthy hair

By on December 16, 2013

The most disturbing experience for moms after giving birth is losing lots of hair.  This happens as a result of changes in hormone levels. The cold season and stress factors considered, moms suffer hair loss the most. Not washing the hair often is not exactly a solution. In fact, doing so can cause the oil glands to produce more oil that weighs the hair down.  The clogging of pores contribute to hair fall out.  Eating a balanced diet with lots of protein and giving your scalp a boost should help improve the condition.   And the good news is… there’s coconut oil!
Don’t underestimate the power of this old Asian secret to beautiful hair.  While beauty products in the market can improve shine and hair texture from the outside,  coconut oil is the only natural oil scientifically proven to go deep down into the cortex or the inner core of the hair.  So why is this important?  Its unique ability to penetrate the hair means it is less likely to break.  It also adds life to brittle hair.  Hot coconut oil applied as a leave-in conditioner, stays long enough inside the hair even after your regular shampooing.  Coconut oil as a product is not sold in Japan but you can make one from canned coconut milk sold in most Asian specialty stores or Nissin supermarket.  It’s easy.  Here’s how.

1.  Pour the coconut milk into a non-stick milk pan.  Scrape off the cream on the sides with a rubber scraper.  2.  Allow it to boil occasionally mixing the cream.  3. As the liquid evaporates,  oil starts to appear.  There will be bits of brown residues after all the oil is completely extracted but that’s normal. You only want the oil.  4.  Turn off heat and pass it through a strainer.  Discard the residue.  Put oil in a small microwave safe-jar.   4.  Allow to cool for about 5 minutes.  5. Next, get a cotton ball and dip into the jar while it’s moderately hot  6.  Apply the oil onto the crown and different sections of the head. 7.  Massage the scalp lightly and spread oil evenly down to the hair ends for 3-5 minutes.   8.  Cover the head with a shower cap for 20 minutes for the oil to fully penetrate into the hair. 9.  Shampoo as usual.

Do the treatment twice or thrice a week and you should see results after 4 weeks of consistent use.  You can heat the unused portion in the microwave for the next use.

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