2013 Top 10 baby names in Japan

By on January 8, 2014

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance has released the top baby names in 2013.  Yuuma for boy and Yuna for girls remain to be the top favorites in Japan according to the survey.    Here are the top 10 names with their Kanji reading.


結菜      Yuna
葵          Aoi
結衣      Yui
陽菜      Yosai
結愛      Yua
凜          Lin
ひなた  Hinata
凛          Rin
愛菜      Aina
美結      Miyu

悠真      Yuuma
陽翔      Haruto
蓮          Ren
大翔      Hiroto
湊          Minato
大和      Yamato
颯太      Shouta
陽向      Hinata
翔          Sho
蒼空      Sora

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