Snowpacked fun at Minakami kogen

By on January 1, 2014


Gunma prefecture’s Minamikami Ski Resort  packs some serious fun activities for families with young kids this winter.  Whether you are a skater, snowboarder, skiier or simply a curious spectator, the resort has something for everyone to help you celebrate the snow season.  The snowplay activities at the resort include a 6-km snow cruising on the Minamikami mountains by snowtrain,  sled and snowmobile rides on a 400-km exclusive space, snow rafting, high-speed mobile coach, pandaruma, snow laser, and many others.  Snow activity passports are available until March 22.  3,900 yen (adults), 2,800 yen (elementary school age kids), and 1,600 yen (3-6 year olds)     For hotel accommodation,



Snow mobile



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