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By on January 8, 2014

Tellspec is the newest gadget to watch this year.  It tells you what’s in your food.
While this super small gadget can’t really tell you much about radiated food which concerns us here in Japan,  what it does can keep you healthy when you dine at restaurants or at a party.

Tellspec is essentially a food scanner using astrophysics principles.
If a gluten-intolerant person dines at a restaurant and wants to make sure that there is no presence of gluten on the food, this tiny gadget will do the work.

According to founder, CEO and mom Isabel Hoffman, the handheld device will not only scan food chemicals and allergen components in food, it will also tell you the calorie content.

Using a spectromenter, a cloud-based algorithm and a smartphone app, the device beams a low-powered laser at the food and analyzes its chemical composition through light waves.  Experiments reveal that the end result is approximately 97.7% accurate.

Tellspec is currently on crowdfunding stage.




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