Golden eggplant gratin

By on February 7, 2014
The cheesy flavour and tender bite of eggplant make this all-time family favourite, tempting, even to small kids. If you go for a richer flavour, this decadent dish will go well with bacon.

3 large or 5 medium size eggplants, sliced (approx 1/4 inch thick)
2 medium size carrots, washed, chopped and strained
2 medium size onions, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
a spoon of butter
2-3 medium size cooking tomatoes
1 teaspoon sugar
Fresh ground pepper
Fresh herbs
Mozarella cheese, sliced
Gran Padano, shredded
1.  Heat oil and butter on the skillet.
2.  Saute the carrot and onion and continue mixing for about 4-5 minutes.
3.  Add minced garlic.
4.  Mix in the can of tomatoes
5.  Add a spoon of sugar to balance out the tartness of the tomatoes.
6.  Add salt, fresh ground pepper and herbs
1.  Distribute eggplant slices onto a rectangle oven-safe dish.  Sprinkle salt on top of each layer before putting the rest of the slices.  Leave it for 20 minutes.
2.  Spread a kitchen towel on a table and pat them dry.
3.  Grill all the eggplant slices until slightly toasted, watching carefully not to burn either side.

1. Take a clean oven dish and apply oil to the sides. Pour an even amount of “A” sauce as your first layer .  Arrange grilled eggplant on top.
2. Slice Mozarella and arrange them on top of the eggplants.
3.  Cover the top with a generous amount of Gran Padano shredded cheese.
4.  Repeat 1 – 3 until all eggplants are done.
5.  Bake in oven for about 20 minutes.  Slice and serve hot.

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