Which credit card in Japan offers the most value to user?

By on February 18, 2014

Do you want to make sweeping changes to your finances ahead of the consumption tax increase in April?

If you’re starting off by saying goodbye to credit cards that offer no extra value  but bills to pay and keeping only one card that does, which one would that be?

Here’s a tip. DCMX credit card campaign by NTT Docomo kicks off this spring by offering DCMX Premium and DCMX Gold users, three attractive incentives.

Points    1% or more in points earned for every usage to attract more members.

NTT Docomo mobile phone subscribers in particular will find the offer attractive with DCMX Gold card members earning as much as 10% of their purchases.

No annual fees  When DCMX card is used in combination with NTT Docomo mobile phone, membership fee is waived on the first year including the following years, provided, card holder uses the card more than once a year.

Emoney iD   Card holders can conveniently shop in any store or establishment with a pre-set ID

DCMX card holders are automatically enrolled in overseas travel insurance for up to 20 million yen.

Campaign is until March 31st, 2014.  For more details, www.dcmx.jp

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