And the most preferred nappy in Japan is…

By on March 10, 2014

Moms are spoiled for choice when it comes to diaper brands in the market.

Last year, Research group Soft Brain Field and Credit Saison polled 618 consumers in Japan about their Nappy buying preferences.  The survey reveals Pampers to be the top choice among the 5 major diaper brands.  If you are not sure which nappy brand to buy,  take a hint from what the consumers are saying.

 1st   Pampers by P&G
2nd    Mamy Poko by Unicharm
3rd     Moony by Unicharm
4th     Merries by Kao
5th     Goon by Kao

85.2% said Pampers was highly efficient
84.7% said Pampers was easy to use and
80.4% said it is of good quality.

89.9% said Mamy Poko’s affordable
73.2% said Mamy Poko was on sale
71.9% said Mami Poko is easy to use

82.6% said Moony is easy to use
80.3% said Moony is efficient
70.5% said Moony quality seems good

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