Living La Vida Parisian

By on March 29, 2014

The most interesting thing about living in Shibuya is the wide array of  international food choices and restaurants nearby. Somewhere in the narrow swanky streets of Daikanyama, Omotesando or Dogenzaka are restaurants serving up different cuisines ranging from the popular to the unknown.  Even if you are looking for mobile snacks to take away, you will be surprised to discover that Tokyo has literally everything from shawarmas to pizzas and hamburgers to pitas.

As I was walking towards the station from my Shoto home, I fortunately passed by what appears to be a French boulangerie/patisserie/bistro called Brasserie Viron. I went in to have a look. Fortunately, they have just the kind of sandwich I was looking for. The tantalising baguette sandwiches on display are everything but cheap. The price of a footlong baguette sandwich ranges anywhere between 860 and 1,050 yen (US$9-11) but considering the price of ingredients, I would probably be spending more if I were to make one myself.