An Outdoor adventure in Tarzania

By on March 5, 2014

Looking for family adventure?  Tarzania seems to top the adventure seeker’s  list of places to go to.  It is more than just child’s play. Over half of its visitors are adults only.  There are two main courses here.  You must be at least 6 years old and over to be admitted to the park.  For city kids who have never climbed a tree before, being that high up in the treetops can prove daunting.

“The course was not designed for children, but originally developed in Europe as a corporate training program focusing on risk management,” explains Harayuki Nonoyama of Tarzania.  The most challenging obstacle at the park is the Tarzan swing in the adventure course. Over 30% of challengers give up and take the easier plank bridge to cross to the next section. Unlike the zip slides cords where you are clamped onto a wire at all times, on the swing, your only safety connection is a single hook on a rope. Although there are safety nets, the ground looks awfully far away.

The forest obstacle course concept has been in Europe under various names such as Go Ape! and Forest Adventureおmn Europe, there are various programs including corporate workshops, team building sessions and outdoor education for schools. On the internet, one British woman described her experience at a similar park with a group of mommy friends: “I finished each section convinced I wasn’t going on to the next, but somehow the challenge called out and helped us carry on. It was lovely to hear the shouts of encouragement of “You’re doing really well” coming from all areas of the forest. The staff knew when to help out and when to stand back and let us achieve what we needed to.

Option 1
From Tokyo station, take JR Sobu sen (Kaisoku) Express train to Chiba station (40 min-ride)
From Chiba station, transfer to JR Sotobo sen to Soga station (5-min ride)
From Soga station to Honda station (10-min ride)
Get off at Honda station West exit.  Take a complimentary bus ride from the Seimei no Mori Resort up to the Tarzania reception desk (inside the Nihon Medical Training Center)
Option 2
From Tokyo station by Keio line’s special express(Tokkyuu) train to Honda station  (30 mins)
From Tokyo station by Keio line’s semi-express (Kaisoku) train to Honda station (45 mins)
From Tokyo station by Keio line’s ordinary (futsu) train to Honda station (50 mins)

Adventure course
(restricted to people with a height of over 140 cms 18 years old and above    3,500 yen until March 31
3,600 yen from April 1
18 years old and below    2,500 yen until March 31
2,600 yen from April 1st, 2014
Canopy Course
(restricted to people with a height of 110 cms and above.  Grade 2 students and below are required to be accompanied by a caretaker 18 years old and above)
18 years old and above   2,000 yen until March 31
18 years old and below  2,100 yen from April 1st

Family discount

500 yen off per person for a family of 3 or more

Entrance fee only   12 years old and above  1,000 yen
Closed on March 6, 13 and 20, April 10, 17 & 24

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