The latest Math based game addiction is now on Android

By on March 30, 2014

Among the many mobile apps out there, Threes has created an increasing number of addicted iPhone/iPad gamers in the last month. Threes has been enjoying the top ranking paid apps on iTunes store since February. The apps is now available too to Android gamers for 200 yen on Google Play.

Threes is a simple puzzle game. You slide tiles across a board to match up as many tiles with numbers as possible to create a larger number. The goal is to get a high score.
Except for numbers 1 and 2, each tile is a multiple of 3. You then combine a 1 and 2 to make 3. Then you slide a tile numbered 3 on to your 3 to make 6, until you reach the highest number but at the same time keeping the board from filling up. The final score appears on the board after the last move.  You lose if you run out of space.

It’s hard not to like it.  It’s also hard to stop it.

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