Before you spend money on medication, read this

By on April 7, 2014

Consumers in Japan buy something at drugstores everyday, according to Japan’s local pharmaceutical search site Pharmacy Kensaku. The same site reports that Giant  chainstore Super Drug Egashira Esai made a record sales of 1.6 billion yen last year.

This suggests that many people are spending money on their well being which is a good thing.  But did you know that some of the health issues you may be having may simply be solved by the food you eat and a change in lifestyle?

Dry and brittle nails (nails crack easily)
Cause:  Deficiency of Iron , zinc , essential fatty acids
Advice:  Stop buying expensive hand creams and cuticle oils that promise to strengthen nails. Instead, take a closer look at your diet. The issue could mean that you are not getting enough iron, fatty acids and zinc which can cause hair loss and weak nails. Zinc is an important mineral for healthy nails and skin.
Day-to-day stress or pregnancy can cause hair and nails atrophy. Nail atrophy or onychatrophia is the damage of the nail matrix that causes one nail or more to shrink.  Dr. Philippe Abimilec, a renowned French dermatologist, hair and nail specialist describes the disease as “a scarring process.” Once the damage is done, no amount of treatment can reverse it.

The Cure
Soy beans, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products and seafood . It may also be helpful to take supplements like silica , zinc, calcium and B2.

Dry and sore eyes
Cause    Deficiency of Vitamin A and essential fatty acids
Advice  Dairy products, green , yellow and orange fruits and vegetables

Maybe your children will not sleep and keep you awake most nights. Do you work with your PC for long hours?  Dry, red eyes is a health issue.

According to the US National Eye Institute, ” The main nutrients that protect and restore balance to the eyes are those rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein , zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. ”

The Cure
Carrots, bell peppers. sprouts, sweet potatoes, spinach and other vitamin C rich foods. Nutrition experts recommend an intake of the good fat found in salmon, mackerel or sardines to ensure optimal eye health .

Dry, chapped lips
Cause    Deficiency of Vitamin B2
Advice   Most of us experience dry and sore lips especially in the cold season. The cold pulls  moisture out of the skin and lip area where sebum or natural oil is not produced.
Dry lips can sometimes be more than just exposure to cold temperature.  Lips can easily become dry if you have not been drinking enough water too. The first sign of dehydration is seen in lips. It is also caused by not getting enough nutrients and vitamins.

The Cure
– Foods rich in vitamins A, B , C, B2 and E
– Try a multivitamin daily to see if  lip condition improves.
Make sure to get enough fruits and vegetables, particularly peas, whole grains, and also vitamin C-rich oranges and peppers.

Canker Sores (Apthous Stomatitis)

Common cause  – Deficiency of Iron, Vitamin B12, Calcium, B6 and folic acid
Stress or injury
weak immune system
hormonal changes
food allergy
viral infection

Advice  Eat More Meat , legumes , dairy products, green vegetables

Both uncomfortable and painful, canker sores last anywhere between 7 to 10 days.
Children, from 10 – 20 are prone to canker sores or mouth ulcer.
These small white blisters can be caused by many factors , and in fact triggered by stress – among other things. Other potential causes include deficiencies in iron, folic acid or vitamin B12

– Hormonal Changes

– Food allergy

– Virus Infections

The cure
Eat More Meat , legumes , dairy products, green vegetables

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