Smart solution

By on April 13, 2014
Do you always doze off when you watch TV in the living room and wake up with back and neck pains the next day?

Korean Wireless Telecommunications company SK Telecom came up with a smart solution.

The latest big thing to hit the digital market is surprisingly tiny. Only measuring 4.5×4.5×4.5 cm, (virtually shorter than a pack of cigarettes), this multi-coloured Smart Beam Art dubbed as the world’s smallest MHL and HDMI pico projector can turn your wall into a 100-inch wide screen  and slightly smaller at  70-inch when used onto the ceiling.  It connects to any IOS device such as iPad, iPhone or Android 4.0 and above, through a single cable and can be scaled up and down the screen by adjusting its distance to the wall. Only weighing 129 grams, the cube is packed with a fan motor and a rechargeable battery that lasts 2 hours of use when fully charged (but the tiny gadget can also be used while charging).  Another cool factor is its ability to project the right brightness and colour even in broad daylight with a well controlled pixelation, delivering an enhanced viewing experience.

This is how the actual screen looks onto a ceiling.

With the Smart Beam, you can chat, surf the net, make power point or excel presentations, watch movies and play games.  Who needs a big TV that takes so much space in the house when you can have a tiny one that travels with you wherever you go?   Out April 1st     ¥43,092

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