The Hunter family on Yokohama life: “Convenient, relative cost and community”

By on April 7, 2014

Time in japan
24  years

Tom Hunter first came to Japan in 1990 on company transfer. He met his wife in Tokyo and together they are raising two boys, ages 9 and 6, in Yokohama.

On a scale of 1-10, rate Yokohama life.

Cost of living                       7
(elementary)                     10
(secondary )                         5
Childcare/safety              10
Community support       10
Transportation                   8
Social life                              7
Housing                                6
Taxes                                     9

How does living here compare to home?  Proximity of mountains in winter and nice beaches in summer which is very different to London. Security of personal belongings cannot be compared – so much safer here. Winters are pretty similar but I will never grow accustomed to the summers. Biggest change in life since being here? Building a house, starting a family. Any adjustments you had to make when you first lived here? Not really.  What do you and your family enjoy the most doing in Yokohama? Cycle rides along the sea front, stopping at the kids play area built in to a convenience store in Yamashita Park.  What’s the most annoying habit picked up in Japan? Never complaining, no matter how big the issue. Any favourite hangout here as a family? My neighbourhood. Great kids and parents. A village within a city.
What are the three things about Yokohama you appreciate the most?  Convenience, Relative cost, Community
If you can change one thing about Yokohama that will make family life better, what would it be?
More grass!  But that’s not just Yokohama.

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