Tokyo Moms’ favorite hairdressers open a new salon in Azabu Juban

By on May 7, 2014

I often hear gaijin moms ask other mothers where their children get a good hair cut in Tokyo. More often than not, the name “Kei” comes up.

For 16 years Kei Sato was a professional hair cutter and stylist at an English-speaking hairdressing salon in Hiroo where many of her loyal clients are expat families – from busy moms and dads to children.

After 16 years of woking at a salon, she decided that the time was ripe for her to fulfill a long cherished goal of putting up her own hair studio and being her own boss. Late last month, Kei, In partnership with Daisuke Kawasaki, a licensed barber and hairdresser with 18 years of work experience (including a two-year stint in Germany), opened their first salon in Azabu Juban. They named the place One WORLD to convey its one-size-fits-all message.

9 (記事2)“One WORLD is truly a family-friendly space where anyone young or old, Japanese or foreigner will equally be served and looked after,” explain Daisuke and Kei. And kids get lollipops too when they behave well!

Daisuke Kawasaki

Daisuke Kawasaki

“Compared to thick Japanese hair, western strands are five times more delicate and require utmost care and technique. Whether your hair is blond, brunette or black, there’s no hair type Kei cannot handle. I cater to most types too but my expertise is with blond hair,” says Daisuke. For those looking for an all-natural alternative to hair dye, Daisuke and Kei will treat your hair to a choice of herb or henna coloring offered at the salon (13,000 yen). Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours when you book an appointment. One WORLD stays open on Tuesdays when other salons are customarily closed. (Check out their special offers below).

Aching for a soothing scalp massage? Kei highly recommends getting yourself a head spa treatment (3,000 yen). “Customers will love our unique deep action treatment. It’s a double purpose massage. The therapeutic and beautifying properties of carrot, ginseng, green tea or aloe vera cream will not only help you relax but give your skin a lift too,” assures Kei.

The savvy duo couldn’t have chosen a better place to set up their welcoming shop. Azabu Juban sorely lacks English-speaking hairdressers able to meet the needs of foreign families. The opening of One WORLD means no more haircut trepidation! With Kei and Daisuke’s long experience in keeping customers happy, anyone coming for a cut or color will no doubt be in good hands.

One WORLD is conveniently located behind the Azabu Juban Oakwood residence and just a stone’s throw away from the station. Book an appointment by phone or online.

Hair cut ratesscissors-vector-pngscissors-by-nimbidraw-on-deviantart-0emix6p6
Under 5 years old 2,000 yen boys
2,500 yen girls
6-11 years old 3,000 yen boys
3,500 yen girls
12-15 years old 4,000 yen boys
4,500 yen girls
16-18 years old 5,000 yen boys
5,500 yen girls
Men 5,500 yen Ladies 6,500 yen

Special Offers
(not including kids’ hair cut)

20% off on first visit
10% off on next visit if you book on your first visit

International Hair Salon One WORLD                                                                                                                                                                           TEL 03-6459-4354      DKNS Bldg. 4th floor Azabu Juban 2-8-3.Minato-ku, Tokyo

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