A pair of eyeglasses that warns you of fatigue

By on May 30, 2014

Some workaholics in Japan just don’t know when to stop to listen to their bodies crying out for rest.

But here’s one of Japan’s latest inventions that might help.  It’s a pair of eyeglasses that come equipped with three key sensors developed jointly by Tohoku University and Shibaura Institute of Technology.

“The eye movements send information about a person’s condition through a sensor,” says Masahiko Inami, an engineering professor at Keio University who has worked for a data application company.

One key use of this would be to alert a driver to drowsy tendencies. The eyeglasses come with a built-in gyroscope and an accelerometer for measuring head tilts. Another key feature is the sensor being able to determine the position of the body and even calculate the number of calories burned with every movement of the wearer.

User can access the data and analysis on their smartphones or pc through wireless transfer.

Jin Company plans to sell it at Printemps department store from spring next year.

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