Lemon Crab Salad and Ricotta Cheese

By on May 7, 2014

If you prefer eating light meals in the summer, this refreshing salad will make a good accompaniment to grilled salmon.  Try it!


2 medium size fresh lemons

300 grams shredded crab meat

100 grams of ricotta cheese

fresh chives (for garnishing)



How to prepare

1. Cut the lemon top vertically with a sharp knife. Cut around 1-2 cms on the other end of the lemon so it stands up straight.

2. Scoop out the fruit with a sharp knife separating the fruit from the rind without breaking it.

3. Place the pulp in a bowl, add 100 grams of ricotta cheese and mix in 1 cup of shredded crab meat. Chop the chives, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Serve cold.

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