Splash of Colour

By on June 5, 2014

You no longer have to endure the Tsuyu (rainy season), embrace it by adding  a bit of colour.  Since the introduction of festival fashion from the likes of a young Kate Moss back in the day, good old Wellington boots have now become a fashion must and rainy season has become a fashionista’s catwalk rather than a dripping nightmare of raging youngsters refusing to wear their rainwear. Brightly coloured ponchos once seen as a cyclists monstrosity now grace every street designer’s range and the streets of Kanto are a vibrant mix of bright colours. Whether you’re wiping down your ‘hunters’ or splashing around in your Chinese knock-offs, add a bit of colour to the dreary days. If this still doesn’t help the situation, take  heart in the fact that last year, we actually had only 12 rainy days.

free_umbrella_shutterstock_3074179_webTsuyu prediction: June 8 – July 20

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