Glitter Tattoo artist adds sparkle to kids’ parties

By on July 12, 2014
Long before style crazed tattoos hit the body art scene, people in India and the Arab countries have been using temporary art in the last 5,000 years to decorate their hands with Mendha (Henna) for celebratory occasions.

Today’s hip generation is no different. A number of famous people like Angelina Jolie, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, etc. have looked to permanent tattoos to make a personal statement. But what’s “in” today for those who do not want a permanent tattoo? The short answer is Glitter Tattoos. Wearing body glitter is hip and fun!


Glitter Tattoo artist Yuki of Glitter Factory

Glitter Tattoo is a form of body art that’s hip and fun and can be applied in almost any part of the body. Baring some skin in the summer allows the wearer to show it off and treat it as a fashion accessory. Body art is not just an adult’s domain. Choosing a fun color and design makes for a fun activity at kids parties.

Yuki, a Glitter Tattoo artist in Tokyo says, ” it’s fun and beautiful body art. It’s perfect for birthday parties, school functions, sporting events, festivals, corporate events, trade shows and any occasion! I love seeing smiles when the tattoo is complete. It’s addictive.”

Unlike serious tattoos, Glitter Tattoos are temporary which allows you to wear different designs that last as long as a regular nail polish does. ” Glitter tattoos usually wear away after about 5 days but if you need to remove them, apply baby oil or make-up remover on the skin, wait for a couple of minutes then gently rub the area. It’s that easy!,” assures Yuki.

When asked how safe these shimmery glitters for children with sensitive skin are, she says, “It’s safe for the skin. I only use hypoallergenic non-toxic skin adhesive and cosmetic glitter. I have given Glitter Tattoos to more than a hundred kids with no problem, but it’s not suitable for those with a skin allergy or similar conditions. Kids 3 years old and up can have them.”

kids4IMG_6085tattoo3The appeal of these shimmery glitters to children is that it is temporary and they can wear more than one design at a time. “It’s colorful, sparkling and fun! The process of applying it is also very interesting, it’s like magic! You won’t know how it will come up until I finish my tattoo. Kids often stay at my booth to watch their friends having a tattoo applied. There is always a crowd when I’m making glitter tattoos. The most popular glitter I’ve done so far is Tinker Bell for girls and dragons for boys. Optimus Prime (Transformers) was also very popular at a 3-year old American boy’s birthday party!”

“It only takes about five minutes to apply a typical glitter tattoo size. Kids usually look curious and focused when I apply the design. Some of the kids feel ticklish when I apply glue and brush glitter off their skin and giggle. I have to ask them to stay still for a moment .”

“Glitter tattoos are applied using skin glue, glitter and stencils. It’s water proof and lasts 3 to 7 days depending on the skin type. It lasts shorter for oily skin types.”

Yuki does more than 100 designs including butterflies, dolphins, flowers, animals, as well as special ones for Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.

tattoo2“A few years ago, I ordered customized tattoos of the “Q” logo of my favorite Japanese jazz band called Quasimode, so the fans could wear it at their concert. The band members later told me they noticed the tattoos from the stage and loved it.”

“I’m now planning on creating my original and customized designs. In the near future, you will be able to have glitter tattoos of your school or team logo, maybe your name and anything you want.”

Yuki is one busy woman. With so many birthdays and parties going on in the city, she gets booked really fast. “I am available for small and big parties but I also take last-minute booking whenever possible. I’m basically available on weekends and weekday nights. 10 -12 tattoos can be done in an hour and my basic 2-hour party rate is 15,000 yen plus additional travel cost to and from central Tokyo,” says the passionate artist.

So to glam up your tiny glitterati , all it takes is a bare skin and Glitter Factory.

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