State-of-the-art planetarium now open

By on July 12, 2014

Spaced Out
To keep its street credibility up to par Tokyo Dome opens the city’s latest museum, the Space Museum TeNQ. This exciting state-of-the-art new space with an unimaginative name is basically a new style planetarium with a few add-ons. It promises to educate us mortals with our past, present and future ideas of the universe using projection mapping and nifty design. Opening on July 8th,the crowd pleasing 11-meter “Theater Sora” gives a view over Planet Earth in crystal clear 4K and gives the impression that you are soaring around the Milky Way looking down from bridge of Star Trek. It’s not quite the same as being a passenger on Virgin galactic but for 1,800 yen, it’ll do the trick for now. Beam me up!
Space Museum TeNQ 11am-9pm
1,200 yen, 1,500 yen & 1,800 yen
From July 8

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