Summer thrillers

By on July 12, 2014

Summer Thrillers
New attractions this summer will drive the kids and the credit cards wild. If you haven’t already tried the incredibly thrilling and scary yet so innocently named ‘Robin’ in Yomuriland  don’t ! It features a  313-meter-long twisted roller coaster that starts off with a near vertical drop and has a 360-degree spiral  that will make you feel as if they are going to be thrown out of your seat. It’s not for the faint hearted and if the kids are big enough, let them line up whilst you and the younger members of the entourage chill at Yomiuri’s cavernous water park around the corner. Further aquatic thrills can also be found at Tokyo Summerland,  famous for its huge indoor wave pool  and outdoor watery attractions.This season sees the  introduction of the awkwardly titled ‘Dekasla’ water slide. Built at a cost of 500 million yen, it sends the brave hurtling hopefully not as awkwardly through a huge water funnel should they feel the need. It promises to be a summer must do!
Twin coaster Robin
Minimum height 130cms
Tokyo Summerland

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