Gel-ous streak

By on August 9, 2014

What’s the cure? The short answer is Gelato Meister, a new line of six scrumptious flavours: (nashi ‘pears’, blueberry, framboise, Alfonso mango, Sicilian lemon, espresso, Madagascar vanilla, and Italian choco), rolled out by Japan’s master ice cream maker, Lotte. Lotte’s ambition for global domination proved successful. It has been winning the annual SIGA (Italy’s Gelato authoriy)) contest for six straight years. And if you want to satisfy your craving for something sweet and cool, gelato is by far superior to ice cream in many ways. For starters, it uses less cream which means less fat. It also has less air which means this wonderful dessert tastes decadent and more deep in flavor. Gelato Meister is available on Alitalia flights and at your groceries and supermarkets near you.

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