Q What’s the standard routine check up required for preschoolers and elementary graders before starting school?

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For preschools, health requirements will vary depending on the facility. Many will require a basic age-appropriate checkup which usually includes a health history with focus on any developmental issues, allergies (including food), current diet, and home routines. Basic measurements such as height, weight, and vision/hearing if possible are often done. Many facilities will ask for an immunization history. There are no minimum legal requirements for immunizations to attend daycare or preschool, but some facilities may recommend certain immunizations. These checkups may be done at the child’s usual doctor, or more commonly by the facilities’ specified doctor. Urinalysis may rarely be part of the examination, while blood tests such as testing for anemia or lead levels, are usually not done.
For elementary age children, a general checkup is usually required prior to entering the first grade. These examinations are usually performed at the school itself and consist of developmental testing in addition to general health checks. For other grade levels, annual health checks are usually administered at the school by the school physicians, covering internal medicine, ear nose & throat, dermatology, ophthalmology, and dental checks. Vision and hearing screening tests, and urinalysis are included. Electrocardiograms are taken once, typically during the second grade. Once again, there are no minimum requirements for immunizations to attend school.
The above examinations apply mostly to public schools. Private schools may allow examinations to be performed by private doctors and may have different requirements. Most “international” schools generally require students to obtain health checks through their own physicians, with results documented on specified forms.

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