So you think you can sculpt?

By on September 10, 2014

“Bento” or  Japanese home-packed meal  is arguably one of Japan’s famous contributions to world food culture.  Today, many mums all over the world have embraced the idea of injecting fun into their kid’s lunchbox.  September being a back-to-school month, get your creative juices flowing with inspiration from these buzz-worthy pieces of lunch art that will no doubt warm your children’s hearts.


Maleficent cropped

Inspired by Disney’s latest flick Maleficent,  Ming, a mom to two boys, layered her nori on a thin slice of cheese and kept it in the fridge overnight before sculpting her charaben (character bento). Side dishes include dried chicken curry, broccolo and slices of strawberries for added colour.




Inspired by the movie “The Amazing Spiderman 2”, Ming whips up Spiderman using coloured rice, nori and cheese. For more of her creations, follow her at


Sanrio piano

Using slices of white bread(edges trimmed), cheese, sausage, nori and some help from selected Sanrio toys for complete effect, Ming was able to sculpt a whole Sanrio living room.


fruit bento

Mom puts serious thought on keeping a group of food neatly sectioned in a bento box. Here she puts meat and cheese on top left, veggies on the right and fruits at the bottom. Follow her at for more tips and ideas.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson sculpted using rice, nori, coloured ginger (or daikon) and smoke salmon strips.


Harry Potter bento is one of the most awe-inspiring charabens seen on the web. This takes some attention to detail and sculpting techniques to do justice to Harry’s iconic eyeglasses and hair. Ingredients: Weiner sausage, scrambled egg, fried chicken, furikakes nori sheets, and daikon.

















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