Get kids moving with these apps

By on September 11, 2014

Sedentary kids?  These apps will help your digital natives move.




A fun way for kids of elementary age to learn the concept of calorie intake and burning them off by moving. A player selects a food item with the number of calories indicated then taps the screen for the necessary activity and number of minutes to burn the food they choose. Free from the App store.

Iron Kids



This app was developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to pre-empt or lessen the risk of injuries in children playing sports. The correct way to do exercises, strength-building, endurance, including balance, are given focus on this 45-minute workout. Great for 9-19 years old. $3.99 at the App store.





Super Stretch Yoga HD



An interactive yoga app created with young children in mind. 12 different yoga poses for kids are introduced by the animated Super Stretch explaining each pose. The gentle encouragement will have your kid attempt the pose and they can even take pictures of themselves using their device’s camera. Appealing to toddlers. Free from the App store.

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