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By on September 11, 2014

The amount of body movement you and your children need to stay in good form depends on your age group.*


Preschoolers  3 hours a day (light activities)

When the baby begins to crawl, that’s the time to introduce physical activity through floor play. As your toddler starts to walk on his own, mom should introduce him to more active play. As this age group stays with mom most of the time, both mom and baby can workout together. Try this. Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Cradle the baby securely and let him/her rest on your thighs and maintain eye contact. Raise your hands and let them hover a few inches off the floor, palms down. Pump your arms rhythmically i 5 times, inhaling and exhaling (1 rep). Gradually increase reps each session. (Don’t try this if you had a caesarian operation).
By around 7 months after birth, a baby is officially flexible and mobile. He will have a good control of his head and his back is straightened out able to support his body. His legs will be strong enough which means you can introduce balancing moves for a 2-3 min duration with your hand support.

Ages 5 -17  1 hour a day  (moderate to vigorous intensity)

swimming stockToday’s digital natives belong to this age group. Parents should encourage this group to develop a healthy detachment to their pcs and electronic gadgets in order to have time and energy for what’s more important. There is conclusive evidence that compared to young people with a sedentary lifestyle, children who are physically active everyday have a high level of overall muscular strength and endurance, as well as cardio health.


Ages 18-64  150 mins. a week  (moderate intensity)

dumbellsA starting point of 150 minutes a week of moderate-intense physical activity is recommended for healthy adults within this age group by the World Health Organization. Those with known health conditions should consult a physician. Activities may gradually be increased from moderate to vigorous intensity in 10-min bouts’ duration. Ramping up to 300 mins per week or doing only 150 mins of intense activity including muscle-strengthening is suggested.


Apps that will make kids move


* World Health Organization

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