How to get the best out of your Costco shopping experience

By on September 3, 2014

Supermarkets deliberately put their pricier products at very visible corners to get you to  buy more goods.

For families living from paycheck to paycheck, here are some tips to avoid going over your budget when shopping at Costco:

1)  Be realistic about your purchases. Don’t stock a large quantity of food with a short consume-by date even it it’s on sale.

2)  You will notice at supermarket racks that the pricier goods are displayed within eye level while the cheaper ones are stacked below.  Don’t be attached to a particular brand just because it’s familiar.  Be prepared to switch to a substitute  whenever there’s a better deal and the way to discover that is to try other brands once in a while.

4)  There are loads of products that are cheaper to buy in Costco than elsewhere.  Fruits and vegetables are not one of them.

5) Make a shopping list of must-buy items and stick to it.

A regular Costco shopper created a community blog ( for housewives to share information with one another on Costco’s best buys.  To join and receive information, you need some Japanese and this apps. Download it free on Google play or at the Apple store

The apps gives shoppers the latest information on good deals. Not only does the new app save you time and money by timing your costco visit when goods are cheaper, the shopper rating is a big help too.

Costco has stopped giving out discount coupons since 2011 but you can receive special offers via email if you sign up for their newsletter.

Goods that are cheaper to buy at Costco than at other stores



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