Grow your own food. Use your veranda.

By on September 10, 2014

Are you ready to take on a new hobby that pays off?

You haven’t got a garden? Well then you must have a veranda in your apartment. It is possible to grow your own vegetables even in a small space.

Growing your own vegetables is one of the most satisfying aspects of gardening. You can even become self-sufficient if you plan carefully and put in the required time and effort to grow your crop. Even in a small garden, you can grow a wide range of vegetables which will not only reduce your food bills but also provide you tasty meals.

laitue-semisA couple of years ago, I started putting my 10 sqm. veranda to good use. I started growing lettuce. It works for beginners like me who have a very narrow gardening space. Lettuce and other leafy greens can be fitted in around other plants and can grow in flower beds.The good thing about lettuces is that they grow quickly and can be ready for harvesting anywhere from 5 to 12 weeks after sowing, depending on the type of lettuce. Mine was Romaine lettuce, the family’s favorite. This salad crop also suffers from fewer problems than many other vegetables.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to plant your own vegetable garden, I can say from experience that it is indeed very rewarding.

A number of things to consider before starting to grow your own vegetables is the type of garden you have. What’s the soil type? Where is it located? Then you need to assess a few things like how good are you at gardening? Do you have the time to devote to looking after your crops?

BookIf this sounds complicated, get help from urban farming consultant Jon Walsh. He is currently promoting urban food production crash course in English with special focus on vertical gardening – how to grow food on walls, fences, balconies and gates using chain gardens, pots and planter boxes.
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