The Truscott family : “Do as much research as possible before coming over. “

By on October 3, 2014

With two small kids in tow (Thomas, 3 years old, and Harrison 15 months), Bree and husband left home to live in Japan.

Being new to the country, we asked Bree how she is getting on with Tokyo life.


Where are the Truscotts from and what brought you to Japan?
We are from Melbourne, Australia. We came to Tokyo for my husband Toby’s work.

Has there been any surprises about Tokyo expat life since moving here?
The surprise is the sense of community. Everyone is friendly, willing to help out and give advice.



What’s the transition from living the Aussie to Tokyo life like?  
It was a large transition. Coming from Melbourne with a suburban home with a front and backyard to apartment living in a bustling city like Tokyo took some time getting used to.

You mentioned that you were involved in the theatre prior to coming to Japan. Tell us about that and how you got a role in Tokyo International Player’s upcoming musical.
Yes both my husband and I were very involved in musical theatre back home in Australia and have been for many years. We wanted to keep that going but didn’t hold out much hope of finding an English speaking theater company in Tokyo. It was only by chance that I came across Tokyo International Players (TIP) through a google search. For their current production “Chess” the musical, I had to audition along with everyone else and was lucky enough to be offered the lead female role of Florence. I’m really looking forward to the show opening next week (Oct 2nd-5th).

IMG_0205_ppHow does being in a predominantly non-English speaking environment affect your social life?  Any plans to learn Japanese?
I have been taking Japanese lessons and really enjoy it. I have a wonderful teacher who will focus my lessons on what I need for everyday living in Tokyo with 2 little boys.

The language barrier hasn’t affected our social life at all. In fact, we tend to do more social activities here than we did at home.

IMGP0025How is Thomas getting along at preschool? 
Thomas loves pre school and has made some wonderful friends from all different parts of the world. It has been really good for him, as it gives him a sense independence and confidence..

You parent two boys, keep house, and go to rehearsals without outside help.  What’s your secret to being able to do all that?
I have an amazing, supportive and understanding husband. I would not be able to have done the show without his support. It does help though that my rehearsals are at night and on weekends. So I’m mum during the day and a performer at night.

Who’s your go-to for Tokyo tips?
Various websites. I have gained most of my advice, tips, general information through the Tokyo Mothers Group facebook page. It has been invaluable. The support that you receive from the other expat mums is amazing. Any type of question you have you will always get an answer from someone.

We love going out for breakfast, going to the park, going swimming and meeting up with friends on the weekends. We haven’t really a favorite place to go as there are so many different places to see.

What would be your advice to families with small children moving to Tokyo?
Do as much research as possible before coming over.
I have found that living where we are (in a very expat area) has helped immensely as I can meet up with other mums easily. My main group of friends and I basically live within a 5- min walk of each other. It is fabulous having a support network so close by. I believe that has made day-to-day life so much better for myself and the boys.

If you could change one thing to make family life here better, what would it be?
As a mum with 2 young children having a lift or escalator at every station would be fantastic as you do rely on the public transport system..
Tokyo lifestyle has taken sometime to grow on me however it really is an interesting place!

Bree is in the cast of  Tokyo International Player’s musical, “CHESS” ( 2nd-5th October 2014) (

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