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By on November 1, 2014

When Takayuki Fukuzawa launched a series of eyebrow raising T-shirt designs called “Moso Mapping Akai Bra T-shirt” or 3D red bra T-shirts via mail order, it was sold out in three days.

E1357538668779_2Takayuki Fukuzawa who works at ekoD Works , an atelier producing what it calls ‘humorous art and design’, aims to make people all over the world laugh using his own brand of art.
E1357538668779_5pendentifs-270x180 c94502455545f2a42eac4e671b325e3d Takayuki Fukuzawa (14) b093cc7697c2947cf604a34ed487ca01From a tea pot with a fish’s mouth to ‘Hanaga Tap’, a nostril power outlet, Fukuzawa’s design company has been actively promoting its products.
In September, Fukuzawa took his attention-grabbing designs to Handmade stores in Umeda Osaka and  the Tokyo Designers Week (Oct 30 – Nov 3) at Jingumae, Shibuya for public viewing.
His 3D bra t-shirts created quite a stir with Japanese males but he also received comments with the fit and exact positioning of the bra design when worn. The designer admits having to repeatedly ‘fine tune’ the final product to make it look real.
Japanese women who he feared would be quick to condemn what he’s trying to do were in fact happy.  One fan says, “I finally found a good product. These small breasts can now look like boobies.”
These products are available here.

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