House Renovation company launches an eyebrow-raising apartment style

By on November 1, 2014
A “Kon katsu” apartment (translates to an apartment style built to make a woman desirable for marriage) was recently launched by Homes, a Japanese renovation company, having what is viewed by a male blogger as ‘kowai‘ (scary)  features. The idea came about in close collaboration with Japanese love life advisor, Olivia.

Homes’ 33-square meter ‘kon katsu’ style apartment targeting single women, lists these unique features on its website.

1. A 2,430 mm-high pole at the center of the living room. pdo_case007_1-2
With a place to enjoy pole dancing right in your home, you can get those muscles to work to make you look sexy.

2. An airy open bath tub facing the south in the living room pdo_case007_1-3
Release all the stress. Dip in the tub and make that short leap to the sofa facing the sky in a jiffy.

3. Spacious kitchenpdo_case007_2-1
No more convenience store-bought nibbles. A spacious kitchen with mortar countertop is all you need to cook healthy food.

4. Walls to ceilings made of natural earth building materials
Petroleum-sourced construction materials emit chemicals that suck precious female hormones out of you.
Toxins stored in the body can inhibit the secretion of hormones affecting fertility.
A kon katsu apartment is built only with materials that promote hormonal balance.

5. German-made wallpaper with a floral decor designed by Olivia in the living room will keep
you always relaxed.

6. Neighbor-friendly soundproofed walls
You can play music and dance to it without having to worry about disturbing your neighbors or be disturbed by them.

“Single women’s peak chance of being chosen for men in marriage is between ages 20 and 30. The type of housing suitable for single women in this age range contemplating marriage is a kon katsu style apartment to make  them attractive to men and promote good health,” recommend Olivia and the real estate agency.  The total cost for converting a 2DK flat to a 1 LDK (Living, Dining, Kitchen) konkatsu  is 4,500,000 yen.



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