Where to buy Japanese public daycare supplies

By on November 23, 2014

After going through all the registration procedures and finally getting a spot at a Japanese public daycare (Hoikuen), the next thing that foreign parents who have minimum to zero Japanese ability have to grapple with is buying all the items in the list required prior to the first day of school.

Japanese daycare centers are highly organized. There are built-in storage areas with specific dimensions assigned to each child to put his/her belongings. To parents, this means not all types of bags can fit in. While daycare centers provide futons or mattresses for use by kids at naptime, the blankets are not part of the deal. Moms or dads need to bring duvet and mattress covers with measurement specific to the size of the futons provided at the school. The floors and high traffic areas at daycare centers are well sanitized from play area to bathroom floors. Using toilet slippers to walk around the area is customarily separate from indoor shoes used at play areas. This means parents have to provide indoor shoes for their child.

And lastly, using a fabric marker, these should all be labeled legibly with your child’s name in Japanese.

The good news is there’s a ton of online shops that carry daycare supplies for all types of budget. If you’re looking for one, here’s where to look –



Duvet and futon cover set

Duvet and Futon Covers





Typical indoor shoes worn at Japanese daycare

Indoor Shoes

Kinki Seifuku



Daycare bag

Pompare Mall


Black and White fabric marker


Color type


Fabric Marker


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