Japanese gift-wrapping techniques

By on December 3, 2014

When it comes to giving holiday gifts, presentation is everything.

For the Japanese who place importance on aesthetics, a gift wrap is just as important as the gift. The wrapping tradition dates back to the Nara period when Japanese used to wrap presents in carefully selected rich fabrics (such as chirimen, silk, cotton, etc.) also known as furoshiki,  to create a positive impression.

Origami, being a part of  Japanese culture, makes the Japanese excel in the art of gift wrapping. The Japanese technique is neat, fast and presentable. Most of the time, people would rather buy gifts at a department store just to do away with having to wrap the items themselves. But for those who would like to save money by getting items at stores that don’t include wrapping services, fret not.  Get help from these useful tutorials.

Creating a small box for cookies, candies, etc.

Diagonal wrapping

How to wrap a toy in a triangular shape

How to wrap a bag

How to wrap a small box

How to do the cross wrap

Classic wrapping (box)

How to wrap a huge box

How to wrap a bottle or cylindrical shaped items

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