When is chiropractic treatment good for children and when is it bad

By on January 22, 2015

Children spending a lot of hours on their iPad, computers and smartphones risk neck and back pains. When this happens, what can be done?  Tokyo families asked chiropractic pediatric specialist Dr. Junko Usuda for general advice on body pains experienced by children linked to prolonged use of electronic devices.

How safe is spinal manipulation for children?
Children are different from adults as they are still in the middle of the growing process. Each chiropractor uses different techniques (spinal manipulation) where minimal stimulation is applied in the case of children.

The application of modern chiropractic pediatric care within the outlined framework is safe. A reasonable caution to the parent/guardian is that one child per 100 to 200 attending, or in terms of patient visits, between one mild adverse event per 1,310 visits to one per 1,812 visits may have a mild adverse event, with irritability or soreness lasting less than 24 hours, resolving without the need for additional care beyond initial chiropractic recommendations.

However in Japan chiropractic practice is not regulated therefore it’s very important to find qualified chiropractors (JCR: Japan Chiropractic – registered chiropractors).  Most chiropractors see children from elementary school age ( 5 years old and older) but I personally think that only pediatric chiropractors with specialized training should see children under four years old.

What conditions can chiropractic treat in children?
The objective of chiropractic care is to improve the brain and nerve function for optimum results. If necessary, chiropractors refer injured children to pediatricians and medical specialists as a part of their responsibility. There is no clear definition of indications but here are some of the common symptoms in children that chiropractors may help from their clinical experience.
– musculoskeletal disorder
- infantile colic
- bedwetting
- behavior problems
- poor posture

From what age can children go for chiropractic?                                                                             A newborn baby is very sensitive to external stimulation so that a baby can usually receive chiropractic care from one month old. Not all chiropractors have a speciality in children. Before the consultation, you should call up and ask if a chiropractor is treating children in his/her clinic.

What physical conditions in children is chiropractic not able to treat?  Acute trauma from accident not diagnosed by a medical doctor, shock symptoms, hemorrhagic diseas, cancer and infectious disease such as influenza, etc. You may not be able to receive chiropractic care with above conditions.

How can parents/guardians prevent their children from physical discomfort caused by extended use of computers and electronic devices? Using those tools bring not only physical discomfort due to a bad posture but also dysfunction in nervous system from overuse of eyes.

Occasional chiropractic treatments help to prevent physical discomfort and maintain function in nervous system. A chiropractor advices regular stretches and exercises which are appropriate to each individual.

Some other techniques that you can try are:
– Adjusting chair and desk to a suitable height when using computer.
– Setting up the screen in front of your face and your head should not have a forward carriage.
– Using cushions and pillows on a chair and sofa to keep a good posture.
– Setting a time limit when using those tools.
– Doing regular exercises and stretches.

Dr. Junko Usuda is a leading specialist of chiropractic pediatrics in Japan. She graduated from RMIT University Chiropractic Unit-Japan and Mctimoney College of Chiropractic (Oxfordshire, UK) with MSc Chiropractic Paediatrics. She is a member of the Japanese Association of Chiropractors (JAC). Dr. Usuda currently practices in Shinjuku, Yokohama and Shizuoka. 
Contact: info@hlc-kiro.com

(courtesy of Dr. Kei Takeyachi RMIT University School of Chiropractic (BAppSc, BCSc), 2002, Victoria State, Australia Registered Chiropractor, 2003, Integrative Medicine Japan Certified Chiropractor, 2009, Member, Japanese Association of Chiropractors, 2003, Vice President, Asia Pacific Chiropractic Doctors Federation, 2007, Executive Director, Japanese Association of Chiropractors, 2009-2013, Asia-Pacific Region Council Member, International Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 2009, President, Japanese Association of Chiropractors, 2013 Dr. Kei Takeyachi may be reached at Tokyo Chiropractic, info@tokyochiro.com. www.tokyochiro.com )

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