Kiddie Gourmet: BLACOWS serves delicious Kids Plate

By on February 16, 2015

One thing I love about living in Tokyo is a plethora of healthy food choices available. Even when dining as a family, I always do my research online before visiting a restaurant to avoid surprises (although I admit that that’s not always possible when websites are in Japanese that none of us could read).

The only exception is Blacows, a gourmet burger joint in Ebisu that I discovered was only a few steps away from our condominium. We went there on a weekday afternoon when it was less crowded sans prior research. It was a pleasant surprise to find their menu in English next to Japanese.

BlacowsBlacows serves honest-to-goodness premium wagyu burgers. They serve 17 kinds of awesome burgers: Hamburger (¥1,000) Cheese Burger (¥1,200), Avocado burger (¥1,200), Mozarella Burger (¥1,300), Teriyaki, Bacon Egg, Cheese Egg (¥1,300 each), BLT (¥1,350), Avocado Cheese (¥1,400), Bacon Cheese (¥1,400), Hot Chili (¥1,400), Meat Sauce Cheese burger (¥1,400), Bacon Cheese Egg (¥1,500), Bacon Cheese Avocado (¥1,600), W Patty (¥1,700), Big Blacows (premium) ¥2,600, and Blacows Kids Plate (¥1,000).

Blacows offers what no other burger joints does. You can order a plain hamburger and select your own vegetable toppings. They also have a service set (¥350) option for vegetables and soft drinks. This is only available from11:30 am until 3pm.

My sons Ted (6) and Luke (5) love the Kids Plate that comes complete with tasty fries, egg, veggies, and desserts on the side. Blacows’ meat is 100% wagyu beef that makes it the healthiest choice for children.

At last we’ve found our burger hangout.

2-11-9 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku; nearest station: Ebisu (JR and Hibiya lines); (03) 3477-2914; open daily 11 a.m.-11 p.m.  

Marlow Hauser is a mother of 2 and lives in Ebisu.

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