She quits her day job to start Japanese homestyle cookery classes

By on February 16, 2015
Four years ago Mayuko Okada was a sub manager for a cosmetic company.
At work, she met a Japanophile couple touring Japan from Finland with whom a friendship blossomed. Because of the couple’s love for Japanese culture and people, more visits to Tokyo ensued. Every time the couple was in town, Mayuko would host lunch or dinner at home serving only traditional Japanese homestyle cuisine with lots of discussion on food and culture. To Mayuko’s guests, the experience became the ‘highlight’ of each visit.

The young culinary mentor finds such opportunity rewarding.

“Being able to enrich foreigners’ cultural understanding of Japan gave me a sense of achievement. I thought opening up my own cooking school is a good idea. So I decided that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” shares Mayuko who eventually quit her 9 to 5 job to open her first cooking school which she did in January.

Mayuko started cooking at the age of 6. “My mother used to be a professional culinary teacher. Growing up in Choshi city (known for its abundant fish harvest), I’ve had hands-on experience with literally everything from traditional fish,vegetable and meat dishes to breads and cakes. So you can say that I have been cooking for 25 years,” says the culinary expert.

Just shy of a month since the cooking school opened, it is already getting attention from the foreign community through its facebook page and Trip Advisor where she enjoys five-star ratings from people who have attended her classes. The site ranks no. 1 out of 20 most reviewed site in Shibuya.

bright sushi2.8.1.9“The most attended cooking sessions are Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) and Sushi. From the classes I’ve had, I found out that there’s a lot of interest in basic Japanese seasonings which I explain at the start of each session,” informs Okada.

10897062_10206238226901074_2814402252936430227_nParents and kids can both sign up at the same time. ” Kids can take any course they want but I recommend Sushi class which they can do easily! Children under 10 years old are admitted at half price,” says the bubbly sensei.

To sign up at Mayuko’s Little Kitchen

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