Surviving Winter in Japan

By on February 16, 2015

Disposable Heat Packs:
Hokkairo (ホッカイロHakugen) & Hokaron (ホカロンLotte)
Today there are so many different types of these great little heat packs. They come in all shapes and sizes made to warm hands, backs, feet, shoulders & necks. You can buy them in socks, with negative ions, and with Fengshui packaging. They’re just so handy to have in your pocket when you need to be outside in cold weather!

Lip Balms:
Sesera, Lip Baby, and Mogitate Kajitsu (もぎたて果実)
All of the above are produced by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, which can be recognized by their logo of a little nurse in a circle and colored blue. Every product line has different flavors. “Sesera” is mainly for moisturizing, “Lip Baby” is for sensitive lips, and “Mogitate Kajitsu” has real fruit extracts.

Skin Lotions:
For babies: Subesubemiruru (すべすべみるる) Shittori (moist) (しっとり)
The whole product line of “Subesubemiruru” is manufactured by the Meiji Dairy Company for babies. Products have no strong scent, are very smooth, and are easy to apply.
For sensitive skin: Baby sebamed moisture lotion & sebamed moisture lotion
German product imported by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company. The whole product line is based on the theory of keeping the pH level to 5.5 where the skin stays healthy.

Eczema ointment: Paldes Lotion (Iwaki)
A lifesaver for eczema sufferers, this lotion is intended for immediate relief. Because it contains steroids, it is not meant for long-term use. Consult a pharmacist to find out if this product is appropriate for your (look for one wearing what looks like a nurse’s uniform – they have basic medical knowledge).

Hand creams:
Feruzea (フェルゼアShiseido) & Menturm (メンタームOhmi)
These brands offer many different types of hand creams. The basic ones normally come in small round plastic jars. Some come with a pair of white cotton gloves to be worn after cream is applied to help the cream to be absorbed more deeply.

Cold Sprays for Sore Throats:
Nodonuru (のどぬ~る) Spray Kids (Kobayashi): strawberry flavored spray to relieve sore throats, for children aged 2 years and older.
Cepie (セピエ) AZ Nodo Spray Cool (Zeria): mentholated spray for adults to relieve sore throats. Use under adult supervision.

Kids Cold Medicines:
Dorisutan (ドリスタン) Junior (Rohto): Apple flavored cold syrup, containing acetaminophen, for children aged 7 years and up.
Kakonaru (カコナール) Kodomo Syrup (Zepharma): Strawberry flavored syrup, containing acetaminophen, for children aged 3 months and up.
Kodomo Kaze Pappu (Zepharma): Medicine is dispensed through an adhesive bandage to ease stuffy nose, cough, and soar throat in children aged 2 years and up.
Kazepitan (カゼピタン) Nuru (Kobayashi): Cold rub rolls on to ease stuffy noses and coughs for children aged 6 months and up.

Tissues with Moisturizer:
Kleenex, Elleair, Nepia, & Ellemoi
Many brands are sold both in boxes and pocket sizes, and some come in different scents: grapefruit, menthol, herbal, green tea extracts, and aloe extracts. The gentle lotion makes them great for wiping tender little noses.

Hot Coffee, Tea and Soup from Vending Machines and Combini
It may seem obvious, but don’t forget about those nice hot drinks you can buy on nearly every street corner! Buy two cans and keep them in your pockets for a while to warm your hands before you drink them.

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