Who is most likely to cheat in a marriage?

By on February 5, 2015

A team of British researchers gives us a clue.

The difference in length between the index and ring fingers is a good predictor of marital infidelity according to the study by a team of British scientists.

The difference between the two fingers varies according to the amount of hormones the embryo was exposed to during pregnancy. The fetus subjected to varying amounts of estrogen and female hormones increases length of the index finger while exposure to more testosterone (male hormone) increases that of the ring finger.

The finger length index ratio between the two fingers is known as Manning or 2D/4D which is usually 1 in women and 0.96 in men.The study indicates high levels of testosterone in the fetus would result in a fickle-minded person prone to unfaithfulness in adult life. The longer your ring finger is compared to your index finger, the higher statistical likelihood of promiscuity.

Researchers from Oxford and Northumbria universities have used this index to study a group of 1,314 British men and women and compared its results to a separate study conducted on the social and sexual behavior of 595 people from the UK and North America.

Rafael Wlodarski, author of said study published in the Journal Biology Letters and psychologist at the University of Oxford said, ” Based on our observation, it appears that a group of men and women are more prone to fidelity and another group has a tendency to promiscuity.”

The combined study revealed that the rate of men inclined to be vagrant is 57% (with 43% likely to be faithful towards their partners) versus 47% of women more likely to stray (with 53% of them with a tendency to be loyal).

This explains why males are branded as the polygamous gender.

Japan’s theory on bald men or those with thinning hair said to have a more-than-average appetite for sex, is perhaps the closest to this study. The scientific explanation to this is that men who have more than average secretion of hormones have increased libidos. In contrast, a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction is said to be caused by reduced hormone secretion, according to All About Japan site.

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