Frizzy, damaged hair? What’s the cure?

By on March 11, 2015

Brazilian Blowout!

Going to curl-focused stylists every couple of weeks is nearly impossible for moms whose parenting and work duties keep them too busy. Indeed, there are tons of quick-fix styling products in the market but those can be time-consuming and high maintenance over time. Professional Los Angeles hairdresser Lan Do Berman whose family arrived in Tokyo in December, offers women a long lasting fix called Brazilian Blowout treatment.

What exactly is Brazilian Blowout? Does the treatment vary according to hair type (blonde, Asian black, brunette)?  Is there any other service you’re offering aside from Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowout is an anti-frizz, smoothing treatment that makes hair more manageable, cuts back styling time and lasts up to 12 weeks. It helps condition, repair and adds a lot of shine to the hair.  It’s for every hair type– curly, frizzy, damaged, bleached– and all nationalities. It is not a straightening treatment. Results vary depending on the client’s hair texture.   The treatment takes about 90 minutes.The process starts with a deep-cleansing shampoo and then the treatment.  Next is a blow dry and then I flat iron the hair.  After that, I rinse the client’s hair and apply a deep conditioning masque….and that’s it.  I do a bit of styling afterwards.  Clients love it because there is no downtime; they can immediately go about their daily activities or wash their hair the same day.  It’s a perfect treatment for busy moms, especially in the humid summer months, because it eliminates flat ironing and saves a lot of time in the morning.  At the moment, I’m only offering Brazilian Blowout but will likely expand to cuts and colors in the not too distant future.

Tell us about the work you did in LA.
Before becoming a hairdresser, I managed the day-to-day operations of my family’s salon and beauty supply store.   16 years ago, I earned my cosmetology license and have been doing hair ever since.   I specialize in colors, cuts, and the Brazilian Blowout.  In fact, I was one of the original Brazilian Blowout trainers in Southern California teaching the technique and certifying scores of other hairdresser. I actually wasn’t planning on working in Japan, but I sincerely love what I do and get such satisfaction with the Brazilian Blowout results.    It’s the early days for my business in Japan but the word is spreading quickly.

IMG_0607Where is your family from and what brought you to Tokyo? 
My husband Ian and our four year old daughter Mia are from Los Angeles. We’ve arrived in Tokyo in December. Its been only a few months and we are having a great experience. No regrets  with the decision to move to Japan.

We always wanted to live abroad and after years of inspiration watching International House Hunters and feeling a bit too comfortable in our native Los Angeles, we couldn’t come up with a good enough reason not to. When a big Japanese deal my husband worked on came through,  his company graciously gave him the opportunity to manage the deal from any Asian capital.  Tokyo was an obvious choice, and so the rest will be history…

How does freelancing suit your parenting duties?   
My daughter goes to pre-school every day from 9am-2pm, so being a freelancer is terrific.  I can schedule appointments and still have time to take my daughter to school and back.  Also, I’ve had the fortune of meeting some great clients who are becoming my friends and this has made the transition to Japan much easier.

What’s a cool hair style & cut to welcome spring?   
Long hair is back in vogue.  Beach wave hair style (loose curls) and low pony tails are really popular now in the States and I think these styles will be big trends in Japan as well.

Cost of treatment:
15,000 – 18,000 yen depending on hair length and thickness.
To book for a treatment, she may be reached at or by phone at       070 1533 4321.

I got a Brazilian Blowout by Lan this past week and I just want to say, my hair looks AMAZING! I have always had frizzy and unmanageable hair and the blowout straightened and smoothed it down all while making it so soft and shiny. Lan told me it would be life-changing and it is! All I have to do is wash and blow dry with my fingers and my hair looks straight and great! Thanks so much, Lan! See you again in two months for my next Brazilian Blowout!

Laura Beshara Malory
Tokyu mum

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