Going Sakura viewing? You’ll love these family friendly spots

By on March 11, 2015


Sagamiko Resort
Pleasure Forest photo by Sagamiko Resort


Weekdays 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Sat/Sun/Hol 9am – 5pm
Fees: Adults 1,700 yen
Kids/Senior 1,000 yen
Giant amusement Park 1M Sakura trees
5M led lights for night viewing,barbecue
hot springs, Paddington Bear campground
1634 Wakayanagi, Midori ku,
Sagamihara shi, Kanagawa-ken




Kodomo no Kuni by Slowlife Digi
Kodomo no Kuni photo by Slowlife Digi



Weekdays/Weekends 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
(until 5 pm in the summer)
Closed Wed except if it’s a public holiday
Adult 600 yen
Junior High School and elementary age kids 200 yen
Preschoolers (3-5) 100 yen
Kids under 2 get in free
Slides and Jungle Gym, Drum Rafting, Cubic Land, Momo Dome, Friendship Square, Graffiti Square, 12,000-sqm open space with cherry trees and flower beds, Sports ground (Tennis, Soccer, Disk Golf, others), Cattle Ranch, Barbecue (reservation required)


cropped gyoenThe Shinjuku Gyoen park used to be a vacation spot for the Imperial family until it became a public park in 1949. It is possibly one of the most well-maintained parks in central Tokyo. In springtime people flock to have a glimpse of 20,000 beautiful cherry trees surrounding a Japanese garden, large ponds, bridges including a French-style and an English landscape garden. Go when the sakura flowers are in full bloom and see why it’s one of the most outstanding hanami spots in Tokyo.

Komazawa Park



photo by Kazuya Irie
photo by Kazuya Irie

Have you tried fishing in the center of Tokyo facing rows of cherry trees? That’s exactly what you’ll see when you visit the Ichigaya Fishing Center. The place gets very busy during the Hanami season so reserve early. Conveniently located a few steps from the Ichigaya station, adults and kids can try their luck in this ‘carp only’ pond. If you’re lucky to catch enough fish of a certain weight, you can fish for another hour for free.
Fees: Adults 750 yen Kids 430-650 yen Senior 650 yen (hourly rates)


Chidorigafuchiby Yumi
photo by Yumi

Rent a boat at the Chidorigafuchi moat, paddle around the Imperial palace and take as many ‘selfies’ as you want.

Note: The boat pier gets really crowded on weekends which means waiting time could be anywhere between 30-45 mins.


photo by James Meyer

Yoyogi Park is essentially a popular family park for many Japanese and foreigners alike because of its close proximity to Shibuya and Omotesando. This is a perfect place not just to have Hanami get-togethers, but to play sports, and watch entertaining including the “not-so” street performances.





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