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By on April 9, 2015

Australiam mum-of-two Hayley Reid has developed a unique, patented app that allows parents to capture their baby’s precious handprints and footprints with an iPhone or iPad.

Hayley got the idea for GroPrint when she attempted to make prints of her young sons’ hands and feet using paint and paper – a messy process that wasn’t very successful.

“Like every new mum, I wanted to capture each moment of my babies’ development. I really liked the idea of watching my boys grow through their hand and foot prints, but the reality of doing this every few weeks was very messy,” Hayley explains.

“I was surprised to find that there wasn’t an app available to easily capture hand and foot prints. We use technology for everything else, so why not this?”

scanhandsandfeetMeasuringfootWith a clear idea of the app she wanted to develop, Hayley quickly set about patenting the concept, which has now been approved.
GroPrint allows users to capture a child’s handprint or footprint on an iPhone or iPad. The child simply places their hand or foot on the outline on the screen and within seconds an actual-size image is created.
“Kids love using it,” Hayley says.


“I thought I’d have problems getting my kids to sit still but it’s so quick and easy to use that they treat it as a game.
We’ve tested it on heaps of children of all different ages and it’s really easy to use and very accurate,” Hayley adds.

“That was always the most important thing to me, and why the app took so long to develop. It was just so important that the size of the prints was accurate.”

Once created, you can make personalized pictures and timelines of your child’s hands and feet, post them to social media, or save them to your camera roll. There’s also the option to create personalized products using the handprints and footprints – everything from canvas prints and t-shirts to wall decals and bumper stickers.

“The options are endless! I love the idea of creating a personalised handprint wall decal for a bedroom – so much better than a height-measuring ruler. And what dad wouldn’t love an iPhone case with their child’s handprint on for Father’s Day?”



Groprint is available on iTunes

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