Questions to consider in choosing a summer program

By on April 9, 2015

Will my child be safe? Are emergency measures in place in case of unforeseen circumstances like earthquake, fire, etc.?

What is a typical day like? Can my children select their activities or do they follow a strict schedule?

Are the programs significant to the needs of my child or children?

What’s the ratio of teachers to kids? There should be more teachers attending for programs with challenging activities like swimming, climbing jungle gyms, etc. If children have activities at a pool, is there a lifeguard on duty?

Have I communicated to the school about my child’s special needs that call for specific attention? Common sense can sometimes be uncommon and depends on people’s individual perception, culture and experience.

How much is the fee? What’s included? Are there sibling discounts?

Are parent visits permitted? Can you drop in any time or is there a specific hour and day to do so?

Have I seen the facilities that the kids are using? Is it possible to take a tour?

Am I choosing what’s more important to my child than the distance of the school to our house?

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